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MafiaLife is the only online mafia role playing game that puts the user in the role of an actual mobster. No other game ever paid such detail to making the individual feel like a true mobster. The ultimate mafia fantasy experience. Come play our free game, Join your crime family on MafiaLife for Facebook.

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  • VH1?s Mob Wife Renee Graziano Allegedly Junked Up On Coke At Mob Candy PhotoShoot

    Published April 13, 2015 by MafiaLife Chris
    2015-04-12 21.38.20According to our sources, Renee allegedly asked a staff member at Mob Candy Magazine to “please find a way to remove the seat in my car, I lost a friends coke bag”. They walked to her car and could not remove it, and sources say she panicked trying to shove her arm down the sides … read more
  • Mafioso Underworld Strategy Card Game Review by MafiaLife Blog

    Published April 12, 2015 by MafiaLife Chris
    Mafioso Underworld Strategy Card Game RulesI grew up on dungeons and dragons. After some time, I mastered the MMORPG’s. Then, I designed my own Fantasy Mafia MMORPG. When the magic came out, a friend of mine opened a card collectible store, and it also had a place to sit and play the baseball, pokimon, magic, or other strategy card games. … read more
  • More War Contracts. Better Attack Chances, and More Scores.

    Published June 26, 2014 by MafiaLife Chris
    1000243_10153163307675565_116345898_nThe latest changes to MafiaLife have people who play the game buzzing. Even those who liked the old war style have stepped up to tell us how the ability to war using war contracts on your own time is fair and more enjoyable. The only complaint is that its not easy to succeed an attack, … read more
  • New and Improved War Feature: Make War On Your Own Schedule

    Published June 13, 2014 by MafiaLife Chris
    MafiaLife-newsletter7The current war feature put WAY too much pressure to play the game ‘RIGHT NOW’ or you missed the chance to participate, causing your family to lose, and active families to keep earning while the casual mass fall off. Thats NOT what MafiaLife is about. MafiaLife is all about being able to play on YOUR … read more
  • Customer Appreciation Promotional Sale Quest in MafiaLife Game

    Published January 19, 2014 by MafiaLife Chris
    wpid-2014-01-19-10.16.58.pngAs a token of appreciation from the game admins to the customers, there is a new promotional quest available inside the game. The purchase of $10.00 packs now give you $35.00 worth of value. And, buying 1 of each pack will also earn you an extra perk bonus. The Sale Quest is also repeatable until … read more
  • [Prize Pack Giveaway] ?The Family? Movie W/ Robert De Niro 8/13/13

    Published September 9, 2013 by MafiaLife Chris
    thefamMugI know I’m not the only one who is dying to see De Niro’s newest role in the movie ‘The Family’. Seeing Pfeiffer, Agron, and Tommy Lee Jones just adds to the excitement. Im certainly going to review the movie when I go see it. And what blog better to discuss a Mob themed comedy, … read more
  • Paulie Pastrami Joins The MafiaLife Family.

    Published August 12, 2013 by MafiaLife Chris
    imageNot gonna lie. When I first saw a post on Facebook,  from one of the writers and creators of web series ‘Paulie Pastrami’, I laughed out loud. I mean, how much more stereotypical can you get when making a short film. Of course, Paulie Pastrami was a gangster who sold illegal meats. Of course, he … read more
  • GThing Event on Starts Now!

    Published August 8, 2013 by MafiaLife Chris
    imageNot only did the new “G-Thing Takes over Reality TV Turf” round on start, we also introduced new tweaks to make the game look and play smoother and easier. Making the game play easier allows for a simple start up, and enjoyment factor for those people who dont usually play games like these, but … read more
  • MafiaLife Facebook Game Event Supports G-Thing T.V. Show

    Published July 28, 2013 by MafiaLife Chris
    wpid-IMG_20130724_224342.jpgOn Wednesday July 24th a long time friend of the game MafiaLife on Facebook has exploded onto our television screens with his new hit show “G-Thing”. Italian Hip Hop Movement mogul Robert Scalere,  AKA GFella, who has blessed the game with an amazing rap song titled “Mafia Life Dot Com“, has been creating rap songs … read more
  • New MafiaLife Prestige Points, & Family Cooperative Jobs

    Published June 9, 2013 by MafiaLife Chris
    imageIf you are paying attention, you will now notice a new ‘prestige points’ statistic on your mobster profile. And, you will notice a new ‘family jobs’ page in the crimes section. We would like to introducing you to these new concepts by answering a few questions for you. What are Prestige Points? Prestige Points are … read more